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It's for Windows

But I use the other OS:

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How to Install fastestube.crx to the Google Chrome

I prefer simple installation

Installation consists of two stages:


Step 1

Download the extension file from the website and save it to your computer:

Step 2

Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar and select Tools > Extensions:

Step 3

Locate the extension file on your computer:

Step 4

Drag the extension file onto the Extensions page:

Step 5

Review the list of permissions in the dialog that appears. If you would like to proceed, click Add:

Step 6

FastestTube is now added in the Chrome, but after Chrome will be restarted, it will disable FastestTube and will not allow re-enable it. To bypass this restriction, you need to configure Security Policies and add FastestTube to the white list.
Security policy settings

Step 2

Install the templates:
1.Copy \windows\admx\chrome.admx from inside the archive into %windir%\PolicyDefinitions (usually C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions):
2.Copy \windows\admx\en-us\chrome.adml from inside the archive into %windir%\PolicyDefinitions\en-US (create the folder if it does not exists)):
** you can get more details about template installation here

Step 3

Run Group policy Editor (gpedit.msc) as Administrator: click Start, type gpedit.msc, right click on the item found, and select Run as Administrator.

Step 4

Go to the Computer configuration > Administrative templates > Google > Google Chrome > Extensions.

Step 5

Select Configure extension installation whitelist policy and start editing it:

Step 6

Turn the policy "Enabled", click "Show" in the "Extension IDs to exempt from blacklist" panel.

Step 7

Add FastestTube's ID (phahnhbgfdhgobenebnjbgmacgpbfaag) to the list and save changes:
Repeat steps 5-7 for the list of force-installed extensions:

Step 8

Restart Google Chrome (make sure that there is no Chrome icon in tray, use Task Manager to ensure that there are no chrome.exe processes running).

Step 9

Now you can enable FastestTube on the Chrome's Extensions page and continue using it: