Q: How do I save the mp4 files?les?

A: Right click on the download menu, and press "Save As" item.

Q: The browser starts playing the video in the new tab, when I click the download menu item. How do I download the video?

A: Right click on the download menu, and press "Save As" item.

Q: What video formats can be downloaded?

A: Here are the formats that are available:

Q: Why several video formats (e.g. 1080p) have no audio?

A: Now, Youtube uses DASH to delivery audio and video separately. It also stops storing video and audio as a single file for some resolutions. FastestTube can download the files that are actually present on Youtube's servers only, so it downloads video and audio as separate files for those reasons.

But you can still download audio and video as separate files and merge them in the single file. Please, refer to this article for further details.

Q: What does the "Disable autoplay" feature do?

A: "Disable autoplay" prevents Youtube from starting playing video immediately after you open the page. If "Disable autoplay" is turned on, FastestTube pauses the video until you start it manually.

Note: "Disable autoplay" does not prevent from playing videos from the playlists.

Q: What does the "Disable annotations" feature do?/p>

A: Annotations in the Youtube videos may be really annoying and they often contain unwanted contents like ads. You can completely hide annotations in all the Youtube videos by turning on "Disable annotations".

Q: What does the "Disable ads" feature do?

A: The "Disable ads" feature can prevent Youtube from showing the following type of ads:

Q: How can I contact you?

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